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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Gregory "Greg" Supan who was born in Ohio on June 11, 1957 and passed away on May 23, 2005 at the age of 47. We will remember him forever. He was a wonderful husband, the best dad in the world and loved being a grandpa.  Greg had a zest for life that no one could match. He always woke in the morning with a beautiful smile and a great sense of humor. Greg was the center of attention whenever he entered the room and he never met a stranger. He knew how to have fun and made sure you had fun if he had anything to do about it. He was a compassionate man with a big heart and if you needed help he was the first to offer it. He loved surprises, surfing, horseback riding and traveling. Greg enjoyed life to its fullest. When he passed he left a big void in this world for all of his friends and family. However, I feel so blessed to have had him in my life. We made a good team and we loved being together in this life. I hope that in the next life we can continue to enjoy each other and continue on. Greg, I Love you and want to thank you for the Memories that you have given to me.
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12 years   / RueLaLene Supan (Wife)
Today marks the 12 year anniversary of Greg's passing. I feel his loss every day, every hour and every minute. There are days when I still have overwhelming grief and find it hard to get out of bed or to socialize with my friends. I created this site...  Continue >>
That sunny day in May   / Rudi Supan (wife)
I can watch the Video's   / Rudi Supan (wife)
Been watching the video tapes I have and of course most of them are of you since I am the one manning the camera and of course there are the ones of Tiff and Connor. I spent the whole Thanksgiving weekend watching you laugh and act silly and I found ...  Continue >>
Missing you   / Rudi Supam (wife)
I am sitting here and tears are streaming down my face as I look at your pictures. I have fallen into a deep depression that stems from stress at work, worry over my mom's health problems,  finances, getting older and being alone and missin...  Continue >>
Seven Years   / Rudi Supan (wife)
It is 7 years ago today that I lost you to Lung Cancer. I love you as much and more as the day we were married. I miss your contagious laughter and your daily antics, I miss the numerous phone calls thoughout the day just keeping me informed of what ...  Continue >>
Full circle  / Rud Supan (wife)    Read >>
U left us 6 yrs ago today. Diamond Rio says all  / Rudi Supan (wife)    Read >>
5 YRS AGO TODAY  / Rudi Supan (wife)    Read >>
From Carole Cady-Winch, Greg's sister's Friend  / Rudi Supan (wife)    Read >>
letter from Carole Cady  / Rudi Sup (wife)    Read >>
Friend / Andrew Solkovits (friend)    Read >>
Sharing a letter sent from one of Gregs Friends.  / Eric Sencer (friend)    Read >>
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY  / Rudi Supan (wife)    Read >>
Favorite Time of Year  / Rudi Supan (Wife)    Read >>
WHY / RUDI SUPAN (WIFE)    Read >>
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His legacy
Greg never believed in the impossible  
Greg was born in Ohio and moved to California when his father was transferred. He came back to Ohio when he was a young boy for awhile and lived with his wonderful grandparents Wilber & Elsie Beam whom he adored. Then he returned to California to be with his parents after they were settled and Greg grew up to be a typical boy according to his mother. He kept her on her toes. If there was trouble to be found of course you could find Greg in the middle. However, Greg was an ambitious young man and wouldn't settle for just the ordinary.  He wanted nice things for himself and his family. He especially like to spoil and surprise his mom. One story was that he knew his mom loved live Christmas trees and I guess his dad didn't care for the expense and hoopla of a real tree. So Greg made sure that his mom was surprised with a live tree on Christmas ( since it also happened to be her birthday).  He had it specially decorated for her. What a son! Greg always made sure his family was taken care of. Greg was also one of the best salesmen around. He was so personalble and he was a talker. He would go out of his way to get the best deal possible. I believe that Greg could talk a snake out of his fangs and sell them back to him double the price that he bought for them.  There were many stories about his life as a car salesman.  He sold cars to many celebrites,  The Jackson 5, Dino Martin were just a couple that I was told about.  He also loved to surf and he did surf semi pro. He got married and had a daughter Tiffany. The marriage didn't work out and he decided to go back to his grandparents home in Ohio in 1987.  His grandmother had already passed but his grandfather was very sick.   He Loved his Grandpa so very much.  He was heartbroken when he passed.  I met him just before he passed and he was devistated not only on the passing of his grandfather but also the fact  that he had to send his daughter Tiffany who was just 2 years of age back to California to her mother. Greg got a little wild and crazy and met some good friends who helped him thru these hard times.. He learned how to ride horses and became very good at it. He took roping lessons and could rope steer from horseback.  I myself had horses and we started to do a lot of horseback riding and just having fun.  Then in 1994 we got a call that his daughter Tiffany who was 10 years old at the time wanted to come and meet her father. He was so excited. After many depressing nights and many tears he was finally going to be reunited with his precious daughter whom he hadn't had contact with ( not due to lack of trying) since she was taken back to California.  Boy did he spoil that child when we got her back here.  She told her dad that she wanted to stay with him here in OH. so we set to work getting custody.  Greg won and immediately had her enrolled in school, he made sure he attended every function that she was involved in.  She took roller skating classes ,  we had her in 4 H showing horses ( which she did very well) , she was in cheerleading and guess who was on the sidelines at everything... You got it GREG !.... He made sure she had the clothes so she would fit in with the kids at school.  He made sure his little girl felt secure and safe.  He was the best Dad.He was also the best husband a woman could have.  He loved to surprise me with flowers, gifts and sometime surprise trips. I knew I was loved. He bought us a home (which I would never have looked at twice ) and turned it into a showplace.   Greg had vision and his motto was The Impossible just takes a little longer.   He would never take no for an answer he would  either hound the person saying no until they gave in or he would just find someone else willing to take a risk with him.  He always succeeded.   Greg made sure he took care of the people he cared about even in his business. He owned 2 business,  He owned GRT Trucking Ltd & Clayton Truck & Trailer Repair.  Even when Greg was very sick and in the hospital he worried about his drivers and mechanics and friends. He made many friends and always remembered names of aquaintances he met. In my opinion and I may be biased because he I am his wife There will never be anyone who could fill his shoes.  Greg Supan had some big shoes and he will be a impossible act to follow.  Greg woke everyday with a beautul smile and a great sense of humor.  He loved to Surf, ride horse, travel, play with his grandson, talk with his family in California, and Surprises. He has left a large void when he passed for his family and friends.  But I was blessed to be able to say that he was my husband and made my life so happy. Thank you Greg for every memory that I have. You were everything that was fun, good in my life.  I am everything  I am today because you loved me.   I love you now and forever.  We made such a great team on earth and hopefully we can continue on the other side when the time comes.  So honey " I will see you on the other side.  Love you.   Rudi
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